Oral Care – 7 Simple Tips to Prevent a Dentist Visit Absolute health

Oral Care – 7 Simple Tips to Prevent a Dentist Visit    Absolute health

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Oral Care – 7 Simple Tips to Prevent a Dentist Visit

By Health Coach ⋅ December 10, 2012 ⋅ Post a comment

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It’s a pity that many people do not consider oral care to be as important as caring for other parts of the body. You thus have people investing money in hair and beauty and skin care products, but invariably tend to neglect oral care. The consequence is that they begin suffering from problems like bad breath, teeth decay, and gingivitis and so on.

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Strange as it may sound, awareness about oral care and how to go about it in the right manner, as well as what should be the lifestyle habits to ensure you always have glowing white teeth, is rather poor among many people.

Like other organs of our body, teeth too require a lot of care. A proper technique of brushing has to be followed and this needs to be inculcated in children from a young age so that it becomes a habit they follow lifelong.

Let us look at some of the oral care measures you can follow to have healthy teeth and gums:

a) A balanced diet that is rich in calcium is a must for strong teeth and bones. Milk, yogurt, broccoli and tofu are some of the popular choices. Since calcium is best absorbed into the body with Vitamin D, you need to have regulated exposure to sunshine as well for your quota of Vitamin D.

b) Brushing the teeth and flossing them every day are activities that should not be compromised at all. Inculcate the habit of brushing teeth before going to bed in your kids and you will find that they won’t suffer from any dental problems.

c) Keep away from foods that are acidic in nature. Drinks like a lot of coffee and aerated waters can stain your teeth and over time, you will find that they also weaken the structure, exposing the dentine. This in turn will lead to sensitivity of the teeth.

d) Use top branded toothpastes. Do not use ones that have harsh and abrasive chemicals that profess to whiten your teeth. In the long run, they are not beneficial.

e) Avoid the use of antibiotics as much as possible, especially in children. Do not search for instant cures unless absolutely necessary. Antibiotics like tetracycline when given to kids below the age of eight can discolour their teeth.

f) Do indulge in chewing sugarless gum after your meals if you are fond of it. The saliva produced out of this action of chewing gum is helpful in washing away any acids and bacteria that are produced due to inadequate oral hygiene.

g) Eat a diet that has fruits and vegetables. A diet rich in fibre will ensure that your bowel movement is clean and regular. This in turn will keep the system clean and you will not have to suffer from bad breath.

The above oral care habits are not something that is very complicated to achieve. All it requires is discipline and a methodical approach. You will ensure that you and your kids would then never have to visit a dentist except for some cleaning and routine checkups once every year.

No one likes going to the dentist, therefore, having a strict oral care is vital. There are a number of habits that help to have healthy teeth and gums.

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