African Muslim Association e.V.

African Muslim Association e.V.

is going by the name “THE AFRICAN MUSLIM ASSOCIATION” with

the addendum " e.V." after registration in

the Register of Associations. The seat is Hamburg. Association

Object of the Association is cultivation and

practice of the Islamic religion and furtherance of

the cohesion among African Muslims residing in Hamburg.

The object of the statutes shall be realized

especially by operating a mosque, teaching the Koran

for children and by operating an educational consulting

The Association''s endeavour is in furtherance

of the good relationship between all members (all the

The possibility of exchanging information on

adenominational level with associations of other religions.

The Association''s endeavour is helping to realize

an understanding based on solidarity and tolerance between

the different religions and to mutual overcome prejudices.

Members do not have any shares in Association''s

it does not pursue any independent profit purposes.

Association''s fund can only be used for purposes

conforming with the statutes. Members do not receive

any benefits from the Association''s funds.

No person should be favoured by means of

expenses that are different to the body''s object or

can become natural and legal persons, if they want to

support the Association''s object. Application for the

admission shall be made in writing. The Board shall

decide on becoming a member. Honorary membership may

only be awarded to personalities and institutions particularly


shall terminate upon member''s death, withdrawal or exclusion.

In the event of withdrawal the term of notice shall

be 1 month. The statement of withdrawal requires the

can be excluded by resolution of the Board, if he violates

is to be communicated to the affected in writing stating

the relevant reasons. Against the resolution the affected

can call in the General Meeting within two weeks after

are ready to do their best in assisting the Association''s

member shall have one vote at the General Meeting. Transfer

of rights to vote is not possible.

dues are to be paid in advance; they can be paid yearly,

quarterly or monthly. New admitted members shall pay

with the first contribution an admittance fee. Members

who are in default of their payments to the Association

cannot exercise their membership rights as long as their

obligations are not settled in full.

Meeting is the Association''s highest body. It adopts

resolutions on all basic matters related to the Association.

Meeting takes place once a year at least. The calling

shall be made in writing by the President or the Vice-President

of the Association giving two weeks notice under disclosure

of the agenda. An extraordinary General Meeting is to

be called, if at least 10% (TEN PER CENT) of the members

apply for such. An agenda must be annexed to the application.

The following shall also be incumbent on the General



Meeting adopts its resolutions with majority of votes

of the appeared members. In the event of equality of

votes an application shall be deemed as rejected. Amendments

of statutes and dissolutuon of the Association shall

require a 2/3 majority of the appeared members. The

General Meeting should be qualified to decide by vote,

if 7 members are present at least. Cash auditors are

not allowed to belong to the Board. They audit the Association''s

funds and report the result to the General Meeting.

Minutes and resolutions shall be signed by the Chairman

of the Board shall be elected by the General Meeting

for a period of two years. Re-election is permissible.

The Board remains in office until the election of a

new board. Association''s offices are honorary offices .


and his 1st Deputy represent the Executive Board. Both

of them jointly represent the Association .in and out

of court in all matters related to the Association.

Board is obliged to include in all legal acts binding

the Association the disposition that members of the

Association shall only be liable to the extent of the

Association''s fund. This disposition has to be registered

in the Register of Associations, provided permitted

shall be authorized by proxy to jointly sign with the

President or his Deputy in money transactions. .

of each meeting are to be made..

has to draw up a cash report after each meeting and

to submit it to the General Meeting. The cash report

has to be checked beforehand by both cash auditors..


is qualified to decide by vote, when all members of

the Board are invited and at least half of them is present,

among them the President or his Deputy. The Board decides

with simple majority of the present votes. In the event

of equality of votes the vote of the President or of

the President chairing the meeting shall be decisive.

of dissolution or termination of the Association, or,

in the event of lapse of the existing object the Association''s

funds shall accrue to the City of HAMBURG which should

directly end exclusively use them in furtherance of

a school for Muslim children in Africa.

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