West Virginia Drug Rehab Information

West Virginia Drug Rehab Information

Substance Abuse Costs Lives Every Year in West Virginia

Substance abuse is the nation’s number one health-related problem and the effects can be seen in West Virginia. Drug and alcohol addiction is the root cause to many other societal problems and it costs our country up to $500 billion each year, in addition to the thousands of lives lost, broken homes and drug-related crime.

Most addiction treatment centers have a limited success rate, where the majority of the clients relapse. This is not the case with Narconon Arrowhead. In fact, approximately 70% of the graduates of our drug and alcohol rehab remain drug free.

To find out if there are any drug rehab treatment or counseling facilities serving people in West Virginia that are suitable for your needs, please call 1-800-468-6933.

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The Narconon program, unlike more traditional alcohol addiction treatments, deals with both the physical and mental problems brought about by drug and alcohol abuse. Our goal is to assist the addict, both mentally and physically, to become a whole and sane person capable of dealing with life''s many and varied challenges without resorting to drugs or alcohol. The end result is a success rate that shows 70% of our graduates are still drug and alcohol free two years of completing the program. None of these solutions involves the use of any additional drugs or alcohol.

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Crystal meth addiction has gone from being primarily a west coast phenomenon to reaching epidemic proportions throughout the country in a very short time. It is one of the most, if not the most, psychologically addictive drugs on the scene today. Many report addiction beginning with the very first use. Consequently, it is one of the hardest drug addictions to treat and many die in its grip. With ingredients like battery acid, drain cleaner, lantern fuel, and anti-freeze being use in the manufacturing process the health risks multiply quickly. As of July 2005, 58% of all U.S. local police and law enforcement staff were reporting methamphetamine abuse as their biggest drug problem.

In addition to the barrier to recovery presented by guilt, there are two further obstacles that must be overcome on the way to lasting and lifetime recovery. These two barriers are cravings and depression. Without finding a program that addresses all three barriers, rehabilitation efforts may continue to disappoint. The Narconon program is based on research and breakthroughs in the field of drug rehabilitation completed by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. After intense research into the effects of drugs, he discovered what it would take to enable a person to recover from addiction -physically, morally, mentally and spiritually. Over the next forty years, these researches were refined by Mr. Hubbard and the Narconon staff into the Narconon program that exists today, with a success rate over 70 %.

An effective drug abuse treatment center will competently deal with all levels of drug use problems whether abuse or addiction. If one is abusing drugs or alcohol then addiction has already to spread its tentacles around the user. Drug or alcohol abuse leading to addiction always starts as an attempted solution to some form of pain in life. This pain could be mental, physical, or both. It could start as simply of handling the pain of trying to fit in by going along with the crowd and using drugs, or perhaps excessive drinking as a supposed solution to unconfrontable home situations. There are probably as many reasons as there are abusers, addicts, and alcoholics. A good drug abuse treatment center realizes that unless the underlying reasons behind the addiction are handled the individual though now clean, will often finding themselves falling back into the trap of use and addiction as a false solution to handling the stresses that initially caused it to begin with - and never were handled.