The Benefits of Breast Implants

The Benefits of Breast Implants
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Why should we love breast implants? Let us to count the ways…
  1. Women Love the Increased Confidence- There are some mixed results when women are asked about their satisfaction with their breast implants. It turns out, women who get implants for the right reasons, end up enjoying a boost in confidence. How do you know what’s right from wrong? Women who get implants to cure depression, or save their marriage, often end up disappointed. Women who are already happy about their lives, but are looking for that whipped cream topping to make it even better, are the best candidates for this procedure.
  2. A Reprieve Back to the Days of Baby Making- After pregnancy most women report having lost some of their allure that came with having perkier breasts. A breast lift with implants can restore a woman’s figure back to those days when baby making was more the priority (as opposed to teenage rearing). While your children will never take second stage, increased intimacy will do wonders for any relationship.
  3. It’s Great for Sex- 61 percent of women with breast implants, admit that they are having more sex now, and 70 percent of these women claim it is better than ever. These women were not just talking about a partner who was more satisfied, as these women actually claimed to get aroused more easily, and orgasm more often.
  4. A Kick in the Wardrobe Department- Not only do many women with breast implants love the way they look naked; they also enjoy wearing various fashion trends they might have shied away from in the past. In a sense, breast implants seem to add a little pizazz to just about everything in your closet.
  5. Men Love Beautiful Breasts- If you’re wondering whether or not a man will appreciate your breast lift with implants, look to the worldwide statistics which suggest that men generally favor a woman’s breasts most, buttocks second, and feet third. Even gay males seem to have this same hierarchy of preferences for other men. Where a man is located does appear to affect these preferences somewhat. In one Argentinian study, the majority of Argentine males said they would place buttocks on the top of their list (breasts second), while British males continued to favor breasts above all other female body parts. Either way, you really can’t go wrong!